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Hi, welcome to TERRYLI STUDIO,our Photography Service including: Senior Portrait, Wedding, Engagement, commercial, Event, Fashion, Concert. TerryLi have been get awards in internetional Wedding&Portrait Photography (WPPI) Awards in 2014 and 2015 
We are base in Los Angeles.

TerryLi Photography Team up by creative and experience Professional Photographers, VideoGraphers。

Portrait & Wedding Event is our mainly focus photography, my goal for your wedding photography is to create images that show your style and personality, that capture how you are feeling, and show you looking amazing.


2014 WPPI 16x20 Print Annual Competitions, wedding Engagement session: Silver Award                

2015 WPPI 16x20 Print Annual Competitions, Portrait Session: Silver Award

Photography Career:
2011 Jeff Zhang World Tour Concert Photography
2012 Mimi Chu&Loon Ki Lee LA Concert Photography
2012 MC-Jin Rap LaExchange Photography
2013 Lenovo 2013CES Vegas Photography
2013 Nancy Sit& Sandra Lang LA Concert Photography
2013 Johnny Jiang LA Concert Photography
2014 Shibuyala Fashion Show Photography
2014 CCYP Expo official videography
2015 ILP Photo Competition Judge 
2014 Shibuyala Fashion Show Photography
2015 CCYP Expo Official videography





2014 WPPI 国际婚礼人像摄影 16x20 年度线下比赛,婚礼组别 银奖

2015 WPPI 国际婚礼人像摄影 16x20 年度线下比赛,人像组别 银奖

2011 张信哲"I Saw"世界巡回演唱会洛杉矶站官方摄影
2012 朱咪咪&李隆基 洛杉矶演唱会官方摄影
2012 欧阳靖Rap LaExchange 官方摄影
2013 联想电脑 拉斯维加斯2013CES 科技展官方摄影
2013 薛家燕&仙杜拉 洛杉矶演唱会官方摄影
2013 姜育恒 世界巡回演唱会洛杉矶站官方摄影
2013 Shibuyala 时尚内衣秀摄影
2014 CCYP 华人工商大展官方宣传片拍摄团队
2014 Shibuyala 时尚内衣秀摄影
2014 ILP 摄影比赛评委
2015 CCYP 华人工商大展宣传片拍摄团队

TerryLi Photography成立于2011年,服务于:洛杉矶,圣地亚哥,拉斯维加斯,凭借专业设备与敬业精神,认真负责态度,独特的拍摄手法,得到良好的口碑和认可。国际权威婚礼人像摄影协会WPPI注册摄影师,2014和2015年分别获得年度线下摄影作品比赛婚礼组别,人像组别的银奖。TerryLi 团队服务包括: 婚礼摄影,外景婚纱摄影,人像写真,商业广告,大型演唱会,社团联欢,生日派对,毕业典礼.

for booking Photography or Videography Service:
Phone: 626-9359493

Instagram: terryliphotography

FB: www.facebook.com/terryliphotography